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Beitbridge woman cooks her way to Sadc – NewsDay

Mia Coe works and lives in the border town with her spouse James Sibanda.

MEVIS Muleya (51) of Beitbridge, better known as Mia Coe is a living example of a poor millionaire.

Married with six children, she was born in Denver village to Annah and Thomas Kibi Muleya both from Beitbridge.

Mia Coe works and lives in the border town with her spouse James Sibanda.

Her fame and unclaimed millionaire status lies far away from her humble job as a cleaner for a company contracted by the government to maintain several State buildings.

Mia Coe is a home-made guru in cooking and preparing traditional meals.

Self-development of what she learnt from her mother as a girl or woman’s role has seen Mia Coe travel across the country for numerous cooking competitions where her Venda dishes have caught judges’ eyes.

Her meals left many judges with a good taste in the mouth but has not unlocked her full potential.

It however, led her from the Beitbridge Expo competition, to district, provincial, national and ultimately Southern African Development Community (Sadc) cookout exhibitions recently hosted in Masvingo.

With proper financial backing and marketing, Mia Coe could realise her millionaire status selling her traditional food and standing shoulder to shoulder next to international brands.

“I was taught by my mother; she would beat me up when I missed a step. She expected discipline in how I made meals and was strict on mannerisms, deportment and our traditional Ubuntu,” Mia Coe told NewsDay Weekender Society.

“Apart from cooking, I was taught the execution of several home disciplines, traditional remedies to minor ailments, nutritious foods and how to blend them.

“Storage of food to retain nutrients is among the subjects. Did you know drying vegetables has a skill? Yes, it does to retain taste.”

She continued: “Traditional dishes, vegetables like muboora (pumpkin leaves) cooked by marula nuts are a delicacy. There is baobab yoghurt and of late I modify adding varieties of stored flavours.”

“Education has shown us that yoghurt provides iron and gives warmth to the body. I have also heard it’s an almost natural healing for hypertension although I cannot prove that.

“I easily extract baobab powder from the fruits and mix that with milk and prepared vanilla and watermelon to make rich yoghurt.”

Research shows that baobab is a good source of many important vitamins and minerals and its nutritional content can vary depending on the geographical location of the tree.

Beitbridge has thousands of the giant fruit trees whose different parts such as the leaves, pulp and seeds provide various food properties.

For instance, research shows that the pulp is high in vitamin C, antioxidants and several key minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

Mia Coe said her other dishes include millet sadza which is satisfying and “stays in the stomach” and lowers blood sugar levels.

“I also cook pumpkin and watermelon seeds from the lessons I got as a girl. I heard these are good for men and the bone marrow. They can also be used in porridge,” she said.

Her skill saw her come out on top at the Beitbridge Expo provincial cookout, but was fourth at a national contest held in Chinhoyi.

However, as a result of the rare presentation, she was included in the team that met 10 Sadc countries at the Great Zimbabwe Monuments for this year’s contest.

“Namibia came first and we were second followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo. I found it so exalting to be in a team that performed so well,” she said.

At that contest where food was prepared all night long, she cooked pumpkins, banana yoghurt, boiled sorghum eaten with marula nuts, maheu from millet, dried ground chimukuyu, roasted traditional chicken.

“It indeed was a whole night of cooking. It made me feel complete. I just love cooking,” she said.

“Modifying foods has become my new source of joy, and these competitions have exposed me to new foods. I am working on one meal I am not free to disclose now.

“No one knows the ingredients of certain drinks like Coca-Cola, it is a strength one must not share,” she laughed.

Mia Coe uses mopani firewood and gas as fuel.

The woman believes while she may have not gone to any tertiary school for her cooking, traditional skills of cooking should be introduced as a subject in schools.

Mia Coe feels Zimbabweans could earn a living from exporting their traditional foods including the dishes like amacimbi, otherwise known as mopani worms.

Despite her successes, she remains a poor millionaire who just needs an enabling environment for her breakthrough.

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African 2026 World Cup Qualifying Fixtures

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Although the 2026 FIFA World Cup is still years away, the African qualifiers are set to begin soon. The next World Cup will be held in three locations for the first time in history – the US, Canada, and Mexico. CAF has secured 9 slots for African teams who will battle it out for a chance to play on the global stage. Below, we review the African 2026 FIFA World Cup qualification schedule and fixtures.

New Qualification Format

Nine CAF teams will make it to the World Cup. This is a change from the previous five, which means local and international betting sites have to update their betting lines even as the CAF adjusts its qualification format. The CAF announced this new format on May 19 this year. Now, participating teams will be drawn into nine groups of six teams, with each group winner qualifying directly for the World Cup. 

Draw and Groups

On July 13, the CAF performed the draw for the qualifications in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. All 54 CAF football associations will be represented, and the teams will be divided into the following groups:

  1. Group I: Chad, Comoros, CAR, Madagascar, Ghana, Mali
  2. Group H: Sao Tome and Principe, Liberia, Malawi, Namibia, Equatorial Guinea, Tunisia
  3. Group G: Somalia, Botswana, Mozambique, Uganda, Guinea, Algeria
  4. Group F: Seychelles, Burundi, Gambia, Kenya, Gabon, Ivory Coast
  5. Group E: Eritrea, Niger, Tanzania, Congo, Zambia, Morocco
  6. Group D: Mauritius, Eswatini, Libya, Angola, Cape Verde, Cameroon
  7. Group C: Lesotho, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Benin, South Africa, Nigeria
  8. Group B: South Sudan, Sudan, Togo, Mauritania, DR Congo, Senegal
  9. Group A: Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Egypt


The qualifiers will be held across 10 match days with some combined dates for the playoff semifinals and finals. The closest dates to look forward to are:

Matchday One: Nov. 13-21, 2023

  1. Group I: Comoros Vs. Central African Republic, Ghana Vs. Madagascar, Mali Vs. Chad
  2. Group H: Liberia Vs. Malawi, Equatorial Guinea Vs. Namibia, Tunisia Vs. Sao Tome e Principe
  3. Group G: Botswana Vs. Mozambique, Guinea Vs. Uganda, Algeria Vs. Somalia
  4. Group F: Burundi Vs. Gambia, Gabon Vs. Kenya, Ivory Coast Vs. Seychelles
  5. Group E: Niger Vs. Tanzania, Zambia Vs. Congo Brazzaville, Morocco Vs. Eritrea
  6. Group D: Eswatini Vs. Libya, Cape Verde Vs. Angola, Cameroon Vs. Mauritius
  7. Group C: Rwanda Vs. Zimbabwe, South Africa Vs. Benin, Nigeria Vs. Lesotho
  8. Group B: Sudan Vs. Togo, Senegal Vs. South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo Vs. Mauritania,
  9. Group A: Ethiopia Vs. Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso Vs. Guinea-Bissau, Egypt Vs. Djibouti

Matchday Two: Nov. 13-21, 2023

  1. Group I: Chad Vs. Madagascar, Comoros Vs. Ghana, CAR Vs. Mali
  2. Group H: Sao Tome Vs. Namibia, Liberia Vs. E. Guinea, Malawi Vs. Tunisia
  3. Group G: Somalia Vs. Uganda, Botswana Vs. Guinea, Mozambique Vs. Algeria
  4. Group F: Seychelles Vs. Kenya, Burundi Vs. Gabon, Gambia Vs. I. Coast
  5. Group E: Eritrea Vs. Congo, Niger Vs. Zambia, Tanzania Vs. Morocco
  6. Group D: Mauritius Vs. Angola, Eswatini Vs. Cape Verde, Libya Vs. Cameroon
  7. Group C: Lesotho Vs. Benin, Rwanda Vs. S. Africa, Zimbabwe Vs. Nigeria
  8. Group B: S. Sudan Vs. Mauritania, Sudan Vs. DR Congo, Togo Vs. Senegal
  9. Group A: Djibouti Vs. G. Bissau, Ethiopia Vs. B. Faso, S. Leone Vs. Egypt

Wrapping Up

The African (CAF) qualification campaign will kick off in November and set the stage for the 54 participating countries to compete for the 9 World Cup slots. Meanwhile, Morocco’s run in the 2022 World Cup has revitalized enough hope on the continent for a real shot at the trophy.

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We do not recognise Mnangagwa as President – says opposition as MPs boycott 10th Parliament opening, SONA address

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By Staff Reporter

CITIZENS Coalition for Change legislators have snubbed the State of the Nation Address (SONA) delivered by President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the opening of the 10th Parliament.

According to a source, the decision to steer clear of the SONA along with the official opening of the 10th Parliament came from the party.

This is the latest protest by the opposition party following the conclusion of the general elections in August.

President Mnangagwa emerged winner with a 52,6% share of the vote while Chamisa got 44%.

CCC has since disputed the election results while calling for a rerun.

“We have been told to remain in our constituencies. The directive came as a party position,” revealed the source.

Opposition spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi said: “We are boycotting the processes that Mnangagwa wants us to undertake on the basis of the fact that we as CCC do not recognize an election that put him there. The election was a sham, it did not go well. If fell abysmally short of the expected standards of a free and fair election in terms of the laws of Zimbabwe as well as in terms of SADC and AU protocols on free and fair elections.

“Accordingly, we are not attending that process. We want to send a clear message that there should be a free election in Zimbabwe under the auspices of SADC. So, that is the message that will be sending out.”

After the contested 2018 general election, then MDC-Alliance MPs walked out as soon as Mnangagwa began his SONA in protest.

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Zanu PF dispels any hope for Transitional government, maintains August elections were free and fair

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By Leopold Munhende | Chief Correspondent

ZANU PF Treasurer General Patrick Chinamasa has dispelled hopes for a transitional government or rerun, options being pushed regionally after Zimbabwe’s heavily criticised August polls.

Chinamasa took to Twitter Monday to declare that, despite regional and international criticism of the election, Zanu PF maintained it was free and fair.

He described calls for a rerun of the elections won by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, as neocolonial.

Mnangagwa claimed 52.6% of the presidential vote against main contender Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) President Nelson Chamisa’s 44%.

“I ask the CCC class and its Prefect, Nelson Chamisa, to repeat after me the following that the 23rd of August 2023 was free, fair, transparent, and credible; that there will be no rerun of the elections,” said Chinamasa.

“There will be no Government of National Unity (GNU), there will be no so-called Transitional Authority (whatever that may mean), Zimbabwe, under Zanu PF’s watch will never be a banana republic.

“Zanu PF will forever say “NO” to neocolonialism and hegemonism and an emphatic “NO” to subjugation by sanctions-imposing Western countries, Nyika Inovakwa Nevene Vayo, Ichitongwa Nevene Vayo, Ichinamatirwa Nevene Vayo, Ichichengetedzwa Nevene Vayo, Ichidzivirirwa Nevene Vayo. 

Zimbabwe will never, never, never be a colony again.”

Mnangagwa’s re-election has received massive criticism after heavy bungling by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) on August 23.

Late provision of voting material, allegations of voter intimidation by Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) backed Forever Associates Zimbabwe (FAZ), barring of opposition rallies, arrest of opposing politicians and accusations ZEC had been captured by the military all worked against its credibility.

The European Union (EU), Commonwealth, United Kingdom (UK), regional body SADC and AU all questioned its fairness.

Zanu PF has spent the greater part of Zimbabwe’s post election period to lay into Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema whom it accuses of orchestrating negative reviews of Zimbabwe’s polls by SADC.

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