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Byo woman ‘homeless’ after selling house for Prophet Magaya’s housing project

Thembelani Ncube – Walter Magaya victim

A 61-year-old woman from Bulawayo is now homeless after she sold her house with the intention to invest in Planet Africa housing project introduced by the founder and leader of Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance Ministries, Prophet Walter Magaya.

Thembelani Ncube, who is also a member of Prophetic Healing Ministries, was lured to sell her eight-roomed house in Nkulumane 5 in 2017 with the intention to change the environment and stay in the promised estate house in Douglas Dale.

In an interview with CITE, Ncube said Magaya introduced the housing scheme to the church members in 2016.

“I was a member at Walter Magaya’s Ministries for 10 years, he introduced a scheme where he was going to build houses and those who wanted to be part of the scheme were supposed to pay US$4 000, a fee towards the construction of a house, then when you are a resident in the estate, you will be paying a certain amount until your debt is finished,” she said.

Ncube said she was also part of a number of investment projects which were introduced by the prophet.

“He introduced a number of projects that I was part of such as farming potatoes and onions, beekeeping, solar dryer fruit and vegetables. When farming had produced there was an announcement that we should go and collect the money in Harare, but when we got there, they told us to do a rollover to mining.”

Meanwhile, she said as part of the housing project, they were shown an estate which could accommodate about 1,500 houses and the images of ideal houses.

“All I want is my house or my money which I will use to buy a house because this is time wasted, from 2017 to now the money has depreciated in value, and I have no place to stay,” said Ncube.

She said she had reported the issue to the police and received no assistance.

“I have reported the issue to the police but they tell me, ‘anosunga Magaya ndiani’, they are not taking my issue serious and they are telling me to group with other people but I don’t know anyone involved as I was doing most of the things alone,” said Ncube.

“The police went to Umguza Rural District Council and they said they were told that there is no such housing scheme. They further referred the police to Mhlahlandlela. The police also told me that the company is in Harare. All I want is my money, I don’t even want to go to Harare.”

She added, “I believed this person and didn’t think he would do me like this hence I sold my house alone, when I left my house, I told my neighbours that I was going to stay at Douglas Dale, I didn’t even send my goodbyes to other neighbours and sold all my property,” she said.

Ncube said her two children no longer want anything to do with her after selling their house.

“I can’t even access Magaya due to protocol. His relatives who work in the Bulawayo branch used to send me constant greeting messages when I was making purchases but ever since I started demanding my money, they no longer greet me,” she said.

She added that the officials in the church branch in Bulawayo are telling her that they are sorting title deeds issue, “I asked them how come when we even paid the legal fees.”

“When I inquired about my investments in other projects, they told me that the bees died but who did they tell as he said he does his things openly. To make things worse I am the IR department member,” said Ncube.

The church spokesperson Overseer Admire Mhango was not reachable for a comment as his mobile phone rang unanswered and he did not respond to inquiries sent via WhatsApp.

However, a senior church official in Bulawayo who spoke on condition of anonymity said the residential stands are available but they are not serviced as they ran out of funds.

“It’s not true we never made anyone sell their property or anything, what is there are the stands that are in DouglasDale, we have almost 1 000 stands that were being serviced but the servicing was not completed because we ran out of cash, especially after the 1:1 dollarisation, so we never asked anyone to sell their property,” said the official.

She added, “The ministry never asked anyone to sell nor did the prophet, the stands are still there but the servicing is not done because of financial constraints as most of the people didn’t finish paying their instalments.”

The official said Ncube together with others is going to benefit once the houses are completed as they are currently looking for an investor.

“Yes, everyone who paid is going to benefit, there are 910 stands and about 700 people are on board so we have another 200 excesses. We are looking for an investor, as soon as we get an investor, they will start to see the progress,” said the official. – Cite

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Zambian President fires Information Minister amid rising tensions over a collapsing economy

Chushi Kasanda

THE embattled Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema has terminated Chushi Kasanda’s appointment as Information and Media Minister, replacing her with UPND spokesperson and Southern Province Minister Cornelius Mweetwa.

The President has also removed Dr Anna Songolo from the office of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries and has further appointed Thabo Kawana as Ministry of Information and Media Permanent Secretary.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema has appointed Dr Ron Mwambwa as Auditor General, subject to ratification by the National Assembly.

According to a statement issued by State House Chief Communications Specialist Clayson Hamasaka, Monday, the President has appointed Princess Kasune as Central Province Minister after transferring Credo Nanjuwa to be Minister for Southern Province

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Zimbabwean ruling party labels EU withdrawal of electoral body funding as a none-event

HARARE – Zanu PF has scoffed at the European Union’s decision to withdraw a US$5 million funding for the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) following the contested August general election describing the move as a non-event.

The ruling party further said the government is capable of funding ZEC without any help.

ZEC was set up as an independent election monitor by the constitution.

Last week, the EU announced that it was withdrawing funds following the conclusion of the polls which were denounced by the EU, Carter Center, SADC, AU Electoral Observer Missions (EOM) in their preliminary reports.

In response, Zanu PF Acting Director of Information Farai Marapira said, “Responding to questions on the intention of ZEC funding withdrawal by the European Union, Zanu PF wishes to make it abundantly clear that it respects the decisions of the EU as an independent body.

“On the same note, Zanu PF is cognizant of the fact that ZEC is a constitutional body funded by the government through the treasury. Withdrawals of any and all additional funding remains a non-event.

“The EU commission is an independent entity which has got its rights to make its own decisions and if they chose to do a rescission of their funding that’s their own decision it is not a serious matter for us to consider or to look at.

“ZEC is a constitutionally mandated organization and the government has an obligation to fund all the activities of ZEC and we are capable of doing that by ourselves so whether the EU chooses to fund or not to fund is neither here nor there with us it’s a non-event,” Marapira said.

The decision by the EU follows demands for a rerun by the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) which has described the elections as a gigantic fraud.

Zanu PF’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa won the election with 52.6 percent ahead of opposition leader Nelson Chamisa who got 44 percent.

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Ignatius Chombo’s ally Memory Mucherahowa says “Zim football is now run by Zanu PF”

Memory Mucherahowa

THE United Kingdom-based former Zimbabwe national football team player and Dynamos captain Memory ‘Gwenzi’ Mucherahowa who is related former Zanu PF cabinet Minister Ignatius Chombo and the late ex Dynamos Chairman Richard Chiminya says Zanu PF has destroyed soccer in the country and everything else – people’s lives, families and the nation.

As a result, the ruling party must be removed from power for the country to go forward.

In a live Facebook interview with prominent broadcaster Ezra Tshisa Sibanda, the straight-talking Mucherahowa, known for use of juju that got him the nickname Gwenzi – while emphasising he wasn’t a political activist but someone whose life has been ruined by politics, said Zanu PF has now captured local football teams, particularly Dynamos and also Highlanders through Sakunda sponsorship.

Mucherahowa is one of Chamisa’s big supporters.

Explaining his desire to become Dynamos chairman in future, Mucherahowa said he can’t join the team currently because “it’s now Zanu PF”.

He said Sakunda is fronted by business mogul Kuda Tagwirei but is allegedly owned by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, hence football is now run by Zanu PF.

He also further said there were also other football clubs like FC Platinum and Ngezi Platinum in Zimbabwe also influenced by the ruling party.

He said Caps United owned by Zanu PF Murehwa West MP Farai Jere is also a ruling party project.

Mucherahowa, who won many titles with Dynamos and the Soccer Star of the Year in 1994, added that Zimbabwe is now unlivable as a country as Zanu PF has reduced it to ashes.

“Zanu PF has destroyed football, families, lives – everything,” Mucherahowa said.

He said due to this, he is not coming back to Zimbabwe anytime soon unless Zanu PF is gone.Mucherahowa said if he were to return home after criticising Zanu PF like this, he will be killed.

“They are killers, they have killed many people,” he said.

The legendary midfielder, who had a stint in Belgium and went to Argentina to try to join South African football legend Doctor Khumalo at Ferro Carril Oeste in 1995, said things must now change as “nothing really works in Zimbabwe”.

In his book, Zimbabwe legend Memory Mucherahowa has defended claims made in his autobiography that former club Dynamos encouraged the use of juju.

“There are so many things happening in African football which people don’t know about so I decided to share my experiences with the fans.

“I don’t know whether it [juju] works but when I was doing it, it was because it was part of the package of playing football.”

As captain of the club, Mucherahowa reveals in the book that it was his duty to make sure the juju rituals were followed.

“It was all about survival because we had families to feed and sometimes we’d end up doing things we didn’t believe in nor understand.

“I’m not saying juju works but it was part of football when I was playing and I’m sure it’s part of football even today.”

Mucherahowa, who retired in 2001 after captaining Dynamos for eight years, said he hopes that other players will speak up about the use of juju within the African game.

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