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kiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM – ArchDaily

kiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM

kiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM - Interior Photography, Door, Windowskiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM - Interior Photography, Chair, Windowskiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM - Interior Photography, Chairkiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM - Interior Photography, Facadekiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM - More Images+ 14

kiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM - Interior Photography, Door, Windows
© Tatsuya Tabii

Text description provided by the architects. This is a complex of a hair salon and an apparel store that connects fashion and beauty. After considering the area ratio of the two businesses in the limited area of 30 tsubo, the idea of not separating the two businesses equally, but rather having the apparel store as a one-on-one face-to-face sales operation with the apparel store as one of the cutting seats, came to mind. Instead of arranging a variety of designs and sizes as in a regular apparel store, we thought that if we could select clothes based on sharing the customer’s taste, sense, and feeling that only a hair stylist can gain from providing long hours of face-to-face service, and if we could create a small store with products selected just for that person, it would be We thought it would be a good idea.

kiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM - Interior Photography, Windows, Chair
© Tatsuya Tabii
kiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM - Image 19 of 19
kiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM - Interior Photography, Chair, Windows
© Tatsuya Tabii

To this end, the store space was purposely placed in a corner with a minimum area for two people to stand and move around, surrounded by windows and a sense of openness, with a stockroom adjacent to it in a sculptural three-dimensional shape as an eye-catcher. The designers have taken this into consideration so that the act of selecting a product for the person is strongly impressive and visible. The difference in the area ratio of the two areas was designed to avoid the impression that the hair salon is attached to the apparel shop so that only the apparel shop and the stockroom can be seen from the entrance.

kiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM - Interior Photography, Facade
© Tatsuya Tabii
kiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM - Interior Photography, Windows
© Tatsuya Tabii

Detail – While thinking about what architecture can do to connect the two industries, I was reminded of a phrase I often heard from craftsmen when installing furniture on site. It is [“A hair’s breadth of space”.]. It was an unfamiliar phrase. I believe that considering hair as the smallest module of the body is a hint to connect fashion and beauty this time.  By recognizing a single strand of hair as a long, thin line, it can be connected to a single thread. By weaving one strand over another, it becomes a piece of cloth, which is then transformed into clothing using various techniques. The spatial composition of the work is also conscious of a delicate line, like a strand of hair, while at the same time considering the possibility of expanding into a rich surface and connecting it to the space.

kiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM - Interior Photography, Windows, Chair
© Tatsuya Tabii

Architectural boundaries are created by differences in materials, material standards, and different functions. By arranging the gaps in various dimensions within the space and making people aware of a single invisible line as the smallest module of the space, and then combining the line as a material, surfaces of various densities are created. The apparel and salon are made of steel mesh walls made of expanded metal composed of lines and gaps, softly blocking the line of sight-like fabric.

kiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM - Interior Photography, Chair
© Tatsuya Tabii

In contrast, the walls of the stockroom are made of steel sheets that are bent and naturally flexed to create a dome-like space with cubic curves. The mesh is made more compact to form a single surface, and the beauty of the curves of clothes, which are soft like cloth and beautifully clothe the human body three-dimensionally, is expressed sculpturally with the same material of steel.

kiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM - Interior Photography, Windows, Chair, Facade
© Tatsuya Tabii

The material is composed of one color of white, which has been slightly reduced so that the two industries are connected and blend together in a single space. The shadows created by the natural light and sunlight are projected in a way that changes with the time of day and the seasons, creating a comfortable space that is inorganic, yet somehow warm and inviting, with a sense of human touch.

kiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM - Interior Photography, Chair
© Tatsuya Tabii

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Minister Mliswa-Chikoka submits CV to contest councillor post after primaries defeat – – New

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By James Muonwa l Mashonaland West Correspondent

IN a rare climbdown Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs Minister, Mary Mliswa-Chikoka, who recently lost in Zanu PF parliamentary primary elections, has filed her curriculum vitae (CV) for consideration as Hurungwe Rural District councillor courtesy of the newly-introduced women’s quota.

The novel system is designed to increase the number of female politicians in the male-dominated lower-tier devolved government structure.

According to a leaked list seen by, the outgoing Hurungwe West MP becomes the latest high-profile sitting legislator to swallow her pride and submit her name to contest for councillorship.

The minister surrendered her party rights to retain the parly seat to little-known but seasoned activist, Chinjai Kambuzuma via an election result that shocked the body politick.

Mliswa-Chikoka, who doubles as party provincial chairman, was not picking calls when contacted her to confirm the development.

In her unenviable league are defeated Zanu PF Hurungwe women’s quota lawmaker, Goodluck Kwaramba, Sanyati Proportional Representation MP Josephine Shava and Mhangura MP Precious Chinhamo-Masango.


Kwaramba was beaten by Nyembezi Nyamukurira in recently-held Zanu PF internal polls while Shava, who is facing criminal charges of ballot papers robbery, lost to Andrew Kani. Chinhamo-Masango failed to retain the right to represent the former mining settlement of Mhangura after suffering heavy defeat at the hands of former Lands Minister, Douglas Mombeshora.

Kwaramba told she decided to serve the party in a lesser role.

“I don’t really see it as demoting myself, but since l failed to retain the right to keep my parliamentary seat l thought l would be useful in the role of councillor considering that l have the qualifications and experience which are qualities that lack in most women,” said Kwaramba.

In a bid to scrap political survival and remain relevant, provincial Women’s League deputy political commissar, Joylene Munduna who lost to Supa Madiro in Magunje constituency, has also offered her services as rural councillor.

In Zvimba constituency, ldah Kamushinda, who challenged Local Government Deputy Minister, Marian Chombo in Zvimba North, threw her candidature in the ring for consideration as Zvimba Rural District Council official.

Beleaguered Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi’s personal assistant and district coordinating committee (DCC) member, Denica Makota is also eyeing a seat in council while Phillipa Matunja who was walloped by Francis Mkwangwarirwa in primaries also wants a bite of the cherry.

Zvimba DCC Women’s Affairs executive, Zandile Maseko is wishful of a return as councillor after failing to make the grade in just-ended dog-eat-dog internal voting.

In Sanyati, Enia Tshuma hopes to land a councillor post courtesy of the new selection criteria meant to promote female participation in politics.

Perennial campaigner, Magrene Chidarikire submitted her CV for consideration for a Chinhoyi Municipality position after humiliation at the mercy of Women’s Affairs Deputy Minister, Jennifer Mhlanga.

Young Women for Economic Development (ED) executive member, Auxillia Chemhuru, who contested and lost to Joseph James in Chinhoyi Ward 8 local authority Zanu PF primary elections and Ruth Chikukwa, popularly known as Boko Haram, are also in the race to secure seats in Chinhoyi Municipality chambers courtesy of the quota system.

Effervescent Makonde RDC sitting councillor Martha Paul confirmed to this publication she cherishes another stint in council after losing to party provincial administration secretary, Misheck Nyarubero while National Youth League external relations secretary, Valerie Makonza put her name up for nomination as councillor.

This publication gathered CVs were sent  to the provincial command for onward transmission to Zanu PF Headquarters in Harare for vetting before polls are held to put candidates in ranking order.

Harmonised elections tallies will have a bearing on the number of female candidates each political party will second to various local authorities.

According to sources, an estimated 74 women’s quota councillor posts are up for grabs across Mashonaland West out of 185 CVs received from Zanu PF aspirants.

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CCC Masvingo councillor acquitted on incitement charge – – New

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By Staff Reporter

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) councillor for Masvingo ward 7, Richard Musekiwa has been acquitted on charges of inciting public violence and convening a ward feedback meeting without notifying the police.

Musekiwa was  acquitted Tuesday at Masvingo magistrate courts following a full trial and was represented by lawyer Collins Maboke.

The charges against Musekiwa arose after a resident was assaulted during a ward feedback meeting he had convened.

According to the State Musekiwa had breached the Maintenance of Peace and Order Act.

“Verifications were done through the police and indications were that they (police) had not authorised the meeting and this led to the arrest of the councillor,” reads part of the State outline.

However during the trail his lawyer argued that Musekiwa, as a councillor, was empowered by the Urban Councils Act to convene such meetings.

“The meeting was done at his private place of  residence and it was a statutory meeting in terms of section 101 of the Urban Councils Act,” Maboke said.

Magistrate Godwin Chizhande acquitted Musekiwa as a result of lack of merit in the State’s case.

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US actor Danny Masterson found guilty on two rape counts – BBC

Actor Danny Masterson arrives at Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday, May 31, 2023 with wife Bijou Phillips Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

A jury in Los Angeles has found US actor Danny Masterson guilty on two out of three counts of rape.

The star of That ’70s Show, a TV series, faces up to 30 years in prison. He was led from court in handcuffs.

Three women, all former members of the Church of Scientology, accused the actor of sexual assault at his Hollywood home from 2001-03.

Prosecutors argued Masterson had relied on his status as a prominent Scientologist to avoid accountability.

The jury of seven women and five men was unable to reach a verdict on a third count after a week of deliberations, ending up deadlocked at 8-4.

One of his victims, who was raped in 2003, said in a statement quoted by the Associated Press: “I am experiencing a complex array of emotions – relief, exhaustion, strength, sadness – knowing that my abuser, Danny Masterson, will face accountability for his criminal behavior.”

Masterson’s wife, actress and model Bijou Phillips, wept as he was led away, CBS News reports. Other family and friends sat stone-faced.

Another jury in an earlier trial was unable to reach a verdict in December 2022.

Prosecutors chose to retry Masterson and this time the judge allowed attorneys to present new evidence that had been barred from the first trial.

Though the actor was not charged with drugging his victims, the jury heard testimony that the women had been dosed before he raped them.

Masterson was first accused of rape in 2017 during the height of the #MeToo movement. He responded by saying that he had not been charged or convicted of a crime, and that in the climate at the time “it seems as if you are presumed guilty the moment you are accused”.

Charges came after a three-year investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. Prosecutors did not file charges in two other cases because of insufficient evidence and the statute of limitations expiring.

Throughout the trial, prosecutors argued that the Church of Scientology had helped cover up the assaults – an allegation the organisation has categorically denied.

At the time of the assaults, Masterson and all three of his accusers were Scientologists. Several of the women said it took them years to come forward because Church of Scientology officials discouraged them from reporting the rape to police.

Instead, they were forced to rely on the Church’s “internal justice system”, prosecutors said.

Scientology officials told one survivor she would be kicked out of the Church unless she signed a non-disclosure agreement and accepted a payment of $400,000 (£320,000), according to prosecutors.

Judge Charlaine Olmedo allowed both sides to discuss the dogma and practices of Scientology.

But Deputy District Attorney Ariel Anson told jurors during the trial: “The Church taught his victims, ‘Rape isn’t rape, you caused this, and above all, you are never allowed to go to law enforcement.'”

Throughout the trial, the defence tried to undermine the credibility of the “Jane Does” by focusing on inconsistencies in their testimony and their supposed drive to get “revenge” against their former Church.

During closing arguments, Masterson’s defence lawyer said of the survivors: “If you are looking for motives why people are not being truthful… there are motives all over the place.”

Although the Church of Scientology was not a defendant in the case, before closing arguments began, a lawyer with ties to the Church emailed the district attorney’s office to complain about the way the Church was portrayed during the retrial.

The defence also argued that the prosecution had relied heavily on testimony about drugging because there was an absence of evidence of any force or violence.

Masterson’s lawyers tried, unsuccessfully, to have a mistrial declared.

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