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UK: Son of Dynamos legend defiant amid threat of protestors … – New

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By Marcus Townend for The Daily Mail

  • Epsom chairman Brian Finch is remaining calm amidst the threat of protestors
  • The Derby was a target for protestors who stormed onto the track last year
  • The Jockey Club has won an injunction from the High Court ahead of the event 

LONDON: THIS Saturday’s Betfred Derby will present challenges Brian Finch never envisaged after he made history last year when appointed as not only the first black chairman of Epsom but any British racecourse.

The Jockey Club have been granted a High Court injunction in an attempt to stop animal rights protesters from disrupting the most important Flat race of the season.

And the good news for the Jockey Club is that the man in charge is a cool, experienced and measured head who was born and grew up in Zimbabwe as it transitioned from Ian Smith’s white minority rule.

He went on to build an international business career which took him to some global hotspots, including working in war-struck Congo. Epsom will not be that next weekend but tensions will undoubtedly be high with the injunction unlikely to deter disruptive action from the Animal Rising protesters who forced their way onto Aintree racecourse to delay the Grand National in April.

That cost the Jockey Club £70,000 in additional security measures and the unprecedented security for Epsom already comes at a cost of £150,000.

Epsom chairman Brian Finch

Finch, 60, said: ‘We all have different views. The protesters’ view is that we shouldn’t be using animals for sport but the reality is five million go to watch racing in this country so what about their views?

‘If you want to debate it, let’s debate it. What I have an issue with is their view that “I’m right and I’ll come in and stop your event”. Not only will I stop it, but I’ll come on to your private property to do that. How does that work? I don’t know if it’s acceptable in society.

‘I am glad the Jockey Club have taken the steps they have to try to not only protect their property but also protect the safety of the horses, staff, participants and spectators who have paid money to be there. We can only prepare for what we think might happen.

‘Let’s not forget the Derby’s been going 243 years. It was even run during two World Wars. The protesters are entitled to their view but it shouldn’t be imposed on others.’

Finch says his Epsom role makes him feel like a ‘little boy living the dream’.

His love of sport was fostered in Harare where his late father James played football for Zimbabwe’s top club Dynamos. He was a mixed race man playing for a predominantly black team who would go on to manage the club and the national team as well as having trials for Tranmere Rovers.

It was Brian’s uncle who first took him to Borrowdale racecourse. His first job was in a bank and on half-day Wednesdays he earned ‘pocket money’ as a bookmakers clerk at the track.

The Derby was shown on Zimbabwe TV and watching The Minstrel’s dramatic 1977 Derby win cemented his jockey Lester Piggott as one of Finch’s sporting heroes.

‘When I got to meet him I was like a kid in a candy shop even though he didn’t say much,’ Finch said with a smile.

His passion for the race is underlined by the fact he named his son Troy after the 1979 winner.

Finch is passionate to promote the historic mile-and-a-half race but also make a wider difference to a sport which has struggled to cross ethnic boundaries in this country.

He admits the lack of black faces on British tracks initially made him reluctant to go to the races here. He is adamant there is plenty of interest in horseracing across the ethnic divides, it’s just that some do not see the racecourse as a welcoming environment.

‘It was a lot easier to watch on TV,’ he said. ‘I went to smaller meetings at Kempton and Sandown where you never saw a man of colour and I was never quite sure how I’d fit in. I think it’s something racing has to work on. It’s not a barrier racing has created, it’s more a perception from the outside. It’s about how we can help get rid of that perception.’

That verdict make Finch’s appointment significant, something he now acknowledges.

He added: ‘I recognise the responsibility that comes with the post, to do good and make sure I’m not the first and the last!

‘I can have the right conversations, show that I’m capable, encourage others to come with me and through that give the Jockey Club a bigger pool of people to look at for various roles.

‘It won’t be overnight but I hope during my tenure at Epsom it is something we can really get going with. I have lots of ideas that are swirling around in my head.’

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UK: Zim health and social care Indaba set for Northampton … – New

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By Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWEAN professionals and businesses in the UK’s growing health and social care sector will have an opportunity to network with other players in the industry and learn new trends when they take part in the Health and Social Care Meet and Greet in Northampton on June 17.

The event organised by WS Marketing and Golden Careers Management Ltd will be held at Holiday Inn Rugby Northampton M1 and hosted by presenter Kevin Ncube.

Diaspora Insurance is one of the event’s key partners and will be showcasing their services on the side-lines of the high profile indaba.

Diaspora Insurance specialises in crafting and distributing insurance and risk management solutions tailored to meet diasporans’ needs.


In an interview with, organiser Wilson Mathe said the upcoming Meet and Greet is  aimed at promoting collaboration among health and social care providers in the UK.

“Until all our friends who are in the Health and Social Care Industry in UK get a fair share of the £27 billion plus, we will continue to Meet and Greet and share ideas,” Mathe said.

“Sometimes your break through is just around the corner. That one person at this event may change your entire life. In order to succeed in this industry, you need to associate with the correct people, create new networks, support those in need and deliver whenever possible.

He added: “This is a one of a kind event, aiming at those that may need further support or guidance. Those who are coming, bring your business cards. Bring your company’s marketing material. Be prepared to at least share your journey so far. We create new networking and business opportunities. We will share Healthcare  industry information that may be beneficial to everyone.”

Some of topics which will be discussed during the Meet and Greet event include:

  • CQC and Ofsted Registration process / cash flow projections
  • How to get clients and tenders
  • Immigration and Sponsor license
  • Semi-independent living
  • Complex care
  • What’s in the business of care
  • Women in business
  • Professionalism, boundaries and relationships
  • Business ethics and experience

Headline speakers and resource persons at the Northampton event include Chengetayi Shoko from NHS, managing director of Ultra Healthcare and Ultra Healthjobs Godfrey Mushandu, Pardon Tapfumaneyi of PT Law and Associates, the CEO of Tulia Group Rumbidzai Bvunzawabaya, Gelly Manzira of Valour Healthcare, Simon Chinya of Blur Healthcare Associates, Joyce Kapesa of Joyous Consultancy, as well as the directors of Lime Healthcare.

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Econet bemoans eroded tariffs; injects US$66 mln for network … – New

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By Alois Vinga

ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe Limited (EWZL) has bemoaned the negative impact of inflation eroded tariffs on operating costs amid a move to inject US$66 million for a network modernisation exercise.

Presenting the group’s performance for the year ended February 28, EWZ board chairman, Doctor James Myers said while the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has done a commendable job in aligning tariffs accordingly, the rate at which inflation is moving is eroding the tariffs.

“Tariffs continue to fall behind inflation because of rapid changes in the macro-economic environment, this disparity occurs because tariffs for the sector are determined in the local currency, based on movements in inflation and in the exchange rates.

“This puts significant pressure on operating costs on the backdrop of grid power load shedding challenges.

“The prevailing tariff environment is a threat to the long-term viability of the local telecoms sector and curtails the ability of the sector to invest appropriately to meet customer demand, thereby undermining the quality of service,” he said.

RELATED: Econet to launch digital biometric detection in KYC system to counter cyber security risks

During the period, Myers said the business invested US$66 million as part of its network modernisation program in line with the thrust to support business sustainability, which has been hampered by several years of under investment, due to ongoing macro-economic challenges.

“Group revenue recorded a 20% rise driven by growth in voice and data usage of 19% and 58%, respectively. The Regulator granted the sector three tariff adjustments of 61% each and a fourth adjustment of 50% during the year.

“The tariff adjustments were not adequate to offset the increase in inflation which closed at 230% in January 2023,” he said.

Myers decried the fact that the local currency lost value by more than 85% during the year under review which had a negative impact on overall profitability.

The Group incurred exchange losses of ZWL$77 billion which translated to 23% of revenue against a prior year comparative rate of 6% of revenue.

“The consumption of digital services is expected to continue growing. We have a strong platform to anchor our transition to a fully-fledged digital services provider.

“Exploiting 4G and 5G network enabled opportunities will be key to keep abreast with emerging global trends and improve service delivery,” added Myers.

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